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Elisa Robles-Carlo   Jewelry

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Hand fabricated Peony from sterling silver with prong set pieces of broken blue delft plate. Custom earhooks with bezel set pearls.

Peony Plate Shard Earrings

Handmade from Sterling Silver, including the chain. Accented with a Morenci Turquoise cabochon.

Whale and Turquoise Necklace

All of the silver work in this bracelet is hand fabricated for each element. The skull center piece is sand cast in silver, and the eyes are set with black spinel.  The skull is inset into an antique glass button. The other elements are a hand cut turquoise, a hand cut piece of fossil alligator scoot, a piece of a broken plate, and a carved bone rose. The silver heart charm was  recycled from a broken piece of jewelry.

Skull Elements Bracelet
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