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                                            "To create ones' own world in any of the arts takes courage"


                                                                                                    - Georgia O'Keefe




Art in many forms has always been the center of my life. Starting from early childhood I would draw constantly. I was fascinated by the idea of creating something from nothing but a piece of paper and pencil. As an adult, I worked as a Graphic Designer  up until turning to jewelry making full time. My interest in jewelry started in my teens when I would make beaded bracelets and things for myself, friends, and family. When I was in college at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ, I worked at a jewelry store. Trifon Nomidis, owner of "Creations Between Us" became my mentor. He taught me all about stone identification, and gave me my first silver smithing lessons. Though I went on to work in design, I continued my jewelry making, and participating in local street fairs and shows on weekends.


In 2007, I bought a home where I was able to have dedicated space for my work, and AllEyeC * Studio was born!


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Elisa Robles Carlo   AllEyeC * Studio

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